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Main Events Schedule

Browse through our list of events below and find the perfect match for your subject of interest and level of expertise. 

There will be other parallel events announced on a daily basis so make sure you check our social media channels for relevant up-to-date details on all events.




S21 Community Event

How Metaverse & Blockchain are changing and shaping the future of our lives
Kumardev Chatterjee
Melissa Kurtcan & S21 Team
Dedicated Q&A Session

Speed Pitching NFT Projects

Speed Pitching NFTs Projects
10 International & Local projects that will amaze you
Bruno Calabretta & Emilio Canessa

MuralFest - JP Eaglins
Humanians - Tomas Jay
Lost Doll Project - Katy Arrington,
Glos - Giuseppe Lo Schiavo
Envelop DAO - Aleksandr Shedogubov
Robomot - Ruanth Chrisley
VRSTL Studio
Tasty Toasty - Chanel Lee
Veezy DAO - Sergey Orlov
Jedstar - Kaiesh Vohr - Ester Fonseca

Skate to earn

Burn some calories and earn some Crypto
Free drinks FCFS - Tattoo sessions - Free Skate Classes - Food - Music - Break Dancing
Rumah Skate
Crypto Week Bali Community

Crypto Speak Up Monday

Blockchain & Crypto World decrypted
to reveal their implications on Social, Economic and Political transformation
Bali as a growing International Crypto Hub
Robert Ian Bonnick & Melissa Kurtcan
First half:
Ida Mok
Florian Bohnert
Bruno Calabretta
Michael Bennallack
Second Half:
Bartol Karuza
Ghazian Kalinggamurdaning
Mega Septiandara

GameFi & Digital Transformation

Economic design, Implementation & Real examples of Gaming Application
Play To Earn models explained
Bridging the Gap between Web2 & Web3 gamers
Gaming Session
Kaiesh Vohra
Andrey Logunov

Bridging the gap

Implementing Web 3 technologies in Web 2 businesses - Panel, real life examples and Q&A
Bridging the Gap from Web2 to Web3
Cosmin Lungu
Gaming - NFTs - Web2/Web3 Panel
Michael Bannallack
Jelena R Dushena
Cosmin Lungu
Kaiesh Vohr

networking by the pool

Doesn't matter if you're a business owner or a crypto trader or an NFT degen, this one is for you!
Crypto Week Bali Community

mural fest

Building Impact Ecosystems
Social Impact Panel
Women in Web3
Meet & Greet
Mural Fest &Bali COLLECTIVE
MuralFest NFT Collection
Joe Pan of the Impact NFT Alliance
Social Impact Panel
Nat Ma - OpenArt
Adrian Keet - Unit Ventures
Melisa Om - Upfire
Sebastian Persch
Kevin Palmer - Planet Vulkan
Tomas Jay - Humanians
I Gede Putu Rahman Desyanta - Baliola
Gillian Au Howard - Digital Art Fair Asia
Alex Polyakov - SoulEvo
Diversity Panel
Natalia Burgvits - CryptoMamma
Melissa Kurtcan - S21
Sicilia Curris - Re:Fine
Lia Sadia - Robomot NFT
Ida Mok - Fludity Money
Mel Loh - Investera
Grace Fustin - Teja Ventures
Saranta Gattie - UNTAM3D

Coinfest.Asia - DAY 1

Coinfest Asia is an insight & networking festival to share opportunities around web3, crypto, blockchain, NFT & Metaverse.
Coinfest Team

Coinfest.Asia - DAY 2

Coinfest Asia is an insight & networking festival to share opportunities around web3, crypto, blockchain, NFT & Metaverse.
Coinfest Team

S21 Blockchain Panel

Blockchain value & communities in Bali
S21 Members


Hear the best minds involved in the hardest topics of this world:
Regulations | Compliance | Laws
Mastermind Panel
Warren Matthew
Kumardev Chatterjee
Giuliano Octavianos
Luciano Quarta

Closing party

Dance with your newly found crypto friends
Crypto Week Bali Team
George Stiosi - "Can Blockchain Give to An Island Nation Threatened by Climate Change A Brighter Future?"
Bjorn Niclas - "NFT, Blockchain & the future of the Music Industry"
Paul-Henri Kajfasz - “Understanding Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Investing “

Side Events Schedule




NFT Showcase: Robomot NFT
The First NFT With Remote Worker Utility

Robomot NFT is created by Indonesian veteran artist Tommy Chandra. It’s the genesis initiative of IndoDAO to support (aspiring) Indonesian Remote Workers and Remote Learners through Remote Skills Academy platform.
T-Hub Team


In this workshop We'll learn about the benefits of Treasury Management and why do crypto companies need it with Fintonia. Coffee, tea and snacks provided.

GSR & Tokocrypto Networking Night

Tokocrypto and GSR teams invite you to join them for drinks & appetizers at T-Hub Bali. Complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks will be provided along with long lines of tasty small bites!

WEB3 Community Meetup 2022

For everyone who concerns in Web3 industry, this is your time to connect with key players from every sector in this industry. We bring a space for you to learn and connect with speakers from 4 biggest sector in Web3 right now. Crypto Asset, Developer, NFT, and also Miners.


It's party time. Have a wonderful evening with cocktails and live DJ, also a chance to network with the best VCs, Developers, and Web3 People in Bali. This is a networking event that you don't want to miss.
T-Hub Team
OKC (OKX Chain), Arcane, Cydonia, Tokocrypto

BNB Chain Community Meetup Bali: Gamefi & Play2earn

An event sponsored by BNB chain where several gamefi projects will do presentations, followed by networking night

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event speakers

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Ailysh Bella

Business Manager

Jeff Rendi

Expert Trader

Sharoon Jay

CEO Talkyu

direction to the venue

10+ venues in bali, canggu area

You can find the location for each event under the event schedule, but for those coming from abroad and looking for a convenient location to stay, please note that most of our events are happening in the Canggu area.