Crypto Week Bali



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40+ Internationals Speakers, all experts in their field

Kumardev Chatterjee

Co-Founder of NEOM's Cognitive Metaverse Entrepreneurship
Expert at the World Economic Forum
Research and Innovation Expert at the European Commission
Member of the Forbes Technology Council

Kaiesh Vohra

CTO Jedstar
SaaS founder
McKinsey External Advisor for blockchain
Full Stack Developer

Florian Bohnert

Co-Founder & CMO at

Bjorn Niclas

CEO & Co-Founder
The Future of Music Industry @Rockiapp

George Siosi

Head of Culture and Community at Blockchain Association

Melissa Kurtcan

Co-founder S21
Founder of Eurydice UK
Pollination Network
Business strategist - Community Oriented Business Models - Network Pollinator

Bruno Calabretta

Founder at Aurora Coaching
Crypto Coach
Web3 - Crypto - NFTs Consultant

Emilio Canessa

Special Projects Manager Dfinity (ICP)
Internet Computer Protocol

Cosmin Lungu

Founder at LEV3L UP Consulting
Web3 & NFT Consultant
Marketing Advisor

Sicilia Cirrus

Founder at Re : Fine
Digital Marketer
Tech & Blockchain Enthusiast

Matthew Cook

Impact Entrepreneur
Co-Founder of Mural Fest & Bali Collective
Co-Founder of OffChain Bali & Catapult Group Web3 Investments

JP Eaglins

Founding Member of: Bali COLLECTIVE
Worldwide UnderGround,
Mural Fest & Green Dot Public Schools

Katy Arrington

Artist and Founder of the Love Lost Dolls project
1/1 Digital Painter Extraordinaire
Self-obsessed Artist
Art Coach

Tomas Jay

Partner & Community Lead Humanians

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Award Winning Visual Artist
Winner of the European Project BioArt organized by the Museum of Science MUSE in Italy

Sergey Orlov

Founder of Veezy DAO

Ester Fonseca

Business Development Manager at

Aleksandr Shedogubov

Founder of Envelop DAO

Ruanth Chrisley

Co-Founder of Robomot NFT
Founder of

Saranta Gattie

Co-Founder UNTAM3D
On a mission to Activate One Million Women in APAC To Claim Their Future In Web3.

Mega Septiandara

Research Analyst at Nansen Blockchain
Analyst and Legal Consultant

Ida Mok

President and Co-Founder WIBA
Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer Fludity Money
Co-Founder and CEO at Spool Labs & SEHAT HealthTech

Michael Bennallack

Co-Founder & CMO at Republik Rupiah
Founder an CEO of Chain Lords
Unit Consultant and Educator

Andrey Logunov

CTO Attarius
Founder at AdaptiveStone
CTO Insailing

Dimas Dewantara

Co-Founder TripX
Winning Award of NFT Mercury Hackathon Asia 2021
Supernova Global Hackathon Finalist 2022

Gillian Au Howard

Founder & Global Fair Director of Digital Art Fair

Adrian Keet

Regenerative Technologies
Unit Ventures
Retreats with Purpose

Grace Fustin

Web 3 Investor at Teja Ventures
Investment Advisor at ANGIN

Natalia Burgvits

Founder of “CryptoMamma” online Crypto School - more than 3000 students online
Crypto influencer

Juan Pablo Nunes

Founding member of MuralFest
Impact Entrepreneur
JFinance and Management Professional

Mickaël Couturier

Award Winning Filmmaker - Accomplished Storyteller - Creative Director - Music composer & Entrepreneur

Nat Ma

Director of Photography &
Director of Marketing and Operations at OpenArt

Alex Polyakov

CEO & Co-Founder SoulEvo
15 Years of Business Experience

Melisa Om

Head of Communications for Upfire
Good Karma Crypto: Planting and growing charitable efforts on-chain

Mel Loh

Co-founder at INVESTERA
Consultant & Crypto Educator

Sebastian Persch

Climate Scientist at Forest Carbon
Co-founder of Sustainability Tech and NFTree

Kevin Palmer

Founder & CEO Vulkan Energy & Planet Vulcan
Executive Producer
Futurist and Writer

Lia Sadia

CMO Remote Skills Academy
Co-Managing Director Girls in Tech Indonesia
Co-Founder Robomot NFT

Giuliano Octavianos

Coinbase Head of Indonesia and SEA Market Expansion

Luciano Quarta

Founder and Managing Partner of QRM&P Boutique Law Firm in Milan
Columnist at The Cryptonomist

Warren Matthew

Founder of DAOasis
Head of Partnerships Super.One

Bartol Karuza

Quant Researcher & Trader
Former Web2 Startup Founder
Tech - Data Markets - Crypto and Venture Building

Gil Petersil

Human Networking Strategist
Mastermind Methodologist
Impact Mentor
Bali Philantropist
Global Partnerships Facilitator

Robert Ian Bonnick

The Tourism Architect
An Advisory Curating Business Solutions For Tourism Boards & Significant Businesses In or Moving To Bali

VRSTL Studios

Jiin Ma - Founder VRSTL Studios
Sweet Milo - NFT Artist
Award winning 3D NFT Studio
Particularly focused on ICP NFTs

Ghazian Kalinggamurdaning

Founder of Excellence Consulting
Blockchain Educator & Consultant
NFT-Growth Supervisor
Crypto Corporation Consultant
Passionate Culture Bridge Connector
Intercultural Awareness Coach

Paul-Henry Kajfasz

Fullstack Web 2 - Web 3 Developer
Web 3 Consultant
Blockchain speaker & enthusiast

Jelena R Dushenka

Co-Founder & PR Director of Arche Network
Empowering Gamers, Guilds, Projects through fully on chain DID and Guilds Alliance


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